Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lots of Stuff… list-style

I have a lot of *stuff* running through my head right now, but the two mains things are Christopher and school. But then again, that’s all my world revolves around right now anyway, right?

I’m doing a list-style post this tonight just to write down a few things going on right now!

*Christopher is still fighting a cough/fever. I’m keeping a careful eye on him and praying that his fever goes away tonight and doesn’t return tomorrow. He’s only been sick once or maybe twice before, (he’s never even thrown up!) so this whole sickness thing is something that I haven’t dealt with much. I am so thankful that he’s been so healthy for the first 2 years of his life!

*I need to take more pictures. Sometimes I get sad when I realize that I don’t have a lot of pictures of Christopher with people. I have lots of pictures of him by himself, but I never think to get other people in the shot, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even Stephen and myself.

*Last day of the spring semester is a week away. I am so over school right now.

*Even though spring semester ends next Tuesday, my “mini-session” pre-summer classes start the following Monday. I’ll have to continue to drive to Arkadelphia five days a week for two weeks, THEN I will finally have the whole month of June off. I will go back in July for the second summer session and have about three weeks off after that before fall classes start near the end of August.

*I have a looooooong list of to-dos for my summer “break.”

*I feel like my house has been in a constant state of disarray/uncleanliness since school started back in January. Last semester I was able to keep up with it pretty good, but this semester – not so much. This is another reason I’m looking forward to school being out.

*Tonight I was thinking about how dirty it is and I decided that I would really like to clean EVERYTHING out of it, clean it from top to bottom, sweep/mop/vacuum/steam clean the entire floor (and possibly even replace the carpet in the living room) then move about half of our stuff back in it. Then it might be easier to keep clean and stay clean. Ha! We have outgrown the house and I have recently become VERY overwhelmed (to say the LEAST!) with all of the clutter going on everywhere. If it were up to me I would trash a lot of the things that we don’t use, but Stephen is just the opposite and refuses to let anything leave the boundaries of the house. Unfortunately, we have very little storage in this house and I’m about to go nuts from all the stuff we’ve accumulated. We refuse to waste money on a storage building, so sometime this summer Stephen and I have got to come to a compromise and get the place more organized. Which I should now go add to my to-do list…

*I just realized that I only have one real final test, and it’s not even comprehensive. My other finals are either take-home tests, final projects, or hands-on. (Preparing different types of documents – Advanced Word Processing.

*Is it too early to be getting Senioritis? I only have one year left!

*Anybody else watching The Voice? I have loved Maroon 5 since high school and I would have to say that Songs About Jane is still my all-time favorite CD. Ever. Love, love love me some Adam Levine!

*I looked at the forecast today and it showed sunny skies for a whole week straight. I was starting to wondering if we had moved to Forks without realizing it.

*Stephen is working late tonight, so I had to give the outdoor dogs their dinner. (He usually does it.) We feed them separately so we let them in the laundry room and it’s a hassle for several different reasons. I realized tonight how thankful I am that Stephen is usually the one to feed them in the evenings. It is a job that I do not like!

*I just remembered that the reason I got on the computer was to look up a recipe for a chocolate pie. I’ll explain more about THAT in my next post! (Maybe Thursday or Friday!?)

*I got Christopher up tonight, a few hours after he had been asleep. I was worried about him and wanted to take his temp and so I brought him into the living room with me to check it and he ended up falling asleep in my lap. :) It was so sweet and of course – I couldn’t move him. I watched TV for about an hour with him snuggled up with me. When I went to take him back to his room, he woke up and so I offered him some water. He didn’t want any water but he did want to hold onto his sippy cup. When I laid him down in his crib he wanted to hold on to it and wouldn’t let me take it with me. I set it up in the corner of his crib (in case it leaked) but when I was walking away I saw him grab on to it and then cuddle up with it like it was a teddy bear or something. Too funny.


I went back in there a few minutes ago and found it up by his head. :) Silly boy. I hope he feels better tomorrow!

*I am VERY sleepy and I’m not quite sure why I’m up at 12:30 in the morning so it’s off to bed for me!!!

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