Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter 2011

Guess what I have! PICTURES! (a LOT of em!)

Of course, it’s been so long since Easter and so much has happened, I’m not sure I can remember everything about it. ;)

The weekend before Easter, we celebrated at my mom’s house. She always has her big Easter celebration the weekend before, so that it doesn’t conflict with our (large) family’s day-before-Easter plans in Texas. (Pretty much all of our relatives live in the Texarkana area.)

It was a long day and Christopher didn’t get his normal nap in before hunting eggs, so by the time it came to do the egg hunt he was exhausted and really had no interest in hunting eggs. My mom and I had been working with him for a week or so and he had been really enjoying it, but he was pretty much done after about two minutes.

First – my mom made this cutie patootie Easter Basket for Christopher. It says “Hoppy Easter” on one side and his name on the other. I love it!

Apr 11 2011_0480Apr 11 2011_0481

Apr 16 2011_0400Apr 16 2011_0406Apr 16 2011_0412

I realize now that I just took pictures of Christopher and not of the whole family. Not cool. Also, looking through the pictures – I’m not happy with the way a lot of them turned out. Not sure what the deal is? Aggravating!

The next weekend, on Easter Sunday, we went to church with my parents. That afternoon, we went to my mother-in-law’s to hunt eggs and have dinner with her.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I waited until the very last minute to do Easter Bunny shopping pick up a few items at the store. While I was there I saw a cute egg dye kit that was sports-themed. Since Christopher’s OBSESSED with balls, I made a last-minute decision to dye and decorate eggs. I always loved the day when we dyed and decorated eggs and I hope it’s a fun tradition for Christopher, too. The only thing was that the little plastic wrappers that going around the eggs – well, they were really cute baseball/soccer ball/football designs, but the eggs I got were too big and they wouldn’t go around the eggs. So, note to self – get SMALL eggs when using them as Easter decorating eggs.

When we got to Nana’s house, we found out that the Easter Bunny had left Christopher a basket full of goodies!

Apr 24 2011_0120Apr 24 2011_0125Apr 24 2011_0131

Next, we dyed eggs!

Apr 24 2011_0157Apr 24 2011_0162Apr 24 2011_0164Apr 24 2011_0191Apr 24 2011_0192Apr 24 2011_0193Apr 24 2011_0194Apr 24 2011_0199Apr 24 2011_0203Apr 24 2011_0204Apr 24 2011_0205Apr 24 2011_0206

Hunting eggs…

Apr 24 2011_0211Apr 24 2011_0226Apr 24 2011_0229Apr 24 2011_0231Apr 24 2011_0236Apr 24 2011_0241Apr 24 2011_0254Apr 24 2011_0258Apr 24 2011_0260

Some of the plastic eggs that were hidden in Nana’s yard had SURPRISES in them!

Apr 24 2011_0262Apr 24 2011_0263Apr 24 2011_0267Apr 24 2011_0274

In this picture, Christopher is asking us to open up a piece of candy for him. It was a little bite-size chocolate wafer type thing and Mama wanted a bite as well. I opened it and let him bite off a piece, then when I went to take a bite, he shook his head NO at me and took the candy back and stuffed the WHOLE THING IN HIS MOUTH. See pictures below.
Apr 24 2011_0277Apr 24 2011_0280Apr 24 2011_0281
Too much.

Okay, I feel SO much better now that I’ve written about Easter. You know, from a month ago.  Our desktop wasn’t recognizing that my memory card had pictures on it, so I ended up installing Photoshop on my laptop and transferring all the pictures there. SOOO now, I shouldn’t have any reason not to be a blogging fanatic. Except for the ridiculously time-consuming two-week-long class I’m in right now.  But more about that later. :)

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