Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365: January 27 - February 2

01 27 11_1777
1.27.2011 – I had to have a “professional dress” photo for a class project, so before school I threw on a nice top and instructed Hubby to just “take it from the waist up.”  Hahaha!

1.28.2011 – Little boy thinks he’s big enough to drive.

01 29 11_1648
1.29.2011 – Christopher has now decided to start taking toys into the dog kennel with him.  {Little basketball, wooden block, toy vacuum, computer mouse, tractor, pillow, and sippy cup of milk. And no, I did not let him drink any more of that milk after it’d been in there. I promise it’s not dirty, though, otherwise I wouldn’t let him play around it.} Crazy child.

01 30 11_18231.30.2011 – Mac & Cheese and Chicken Strips. Is there a better combination?  I think not. 

Except for peanut butter and chocolate.

01 31 11_1821
1.31.2011 – The stupid freaking dog kennel that Christopher’s been playing with that I thought was no big deal… well, somehow when he was opening the door to it, he scratched himself really badly on the cheek.  I assume there’s a sharp piece of metal or something.  His daddy told him not to worry if it left a scar, because “chicks dig scars.”  However, mommas don’t dig scars.  He LOVES bath time.  For awhile there he hated it and so we switched to giving him showers with one of us, but now he just loves baths and throws a fit when we got to get him out.  :)

02 01 11_1797 2.01.2011 – My hubby’s yummy toasted sourdough sandwiches are SO freaking awesome.  Mustard/ranch mixture, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, rotisserie chicken, and avocado.  Yum. O.

2.02.2011 – Um, excuse me, do you recognize the boy in the picture above? Because I am QUITE sure that it is NOT my little boy.  No, that child sitting in the booster seat in the hairdresser’s chair holding a dum-dum and eating it by himself is NOT MY BABY. 

Please excuse me while I go cry in the corner.
{By the way, that was the best hair appointment we’ve had so far. He acted like such a big boy!  He didn’t cry and wasn’t scared of the clippers. He just ate him dum-dum (and shared with Mommy!) like an old pro!


  1. Love the pics. Christopher is getting soooooo big too fast. I miss the kido.

  2. Looks like Christopher can't wait to get his driver's license.

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