Sunday, February 13, 2011

cheese and babies.

Stephen and I have decided to join the gym and start eating healthier -- a whole lifestyle change, really.  I'm excited about it and READY for it.  We both really need it.  I have missed running and working out.  I hope to be able to get back into running, especially now that Spring is just around the corner and the really cold weather is (hopefully) a thing of the past.

Today we sat down and made a huge list of healthy food and then went to the store to stock up on veggies, fruits, and lean meats.  I am a picky eater, so I have trouble "dieting" and I've found that the best way for me to lose weight is to use portion control and make smart choices about what I eat.  I was on the lookout for healthy-ish yet flavorful (read: doesn't taste like cardboard) things for me to eat for lunch/snacks.  One of the things I picked up was this...

I've always been curious about them but wasn't sure that I would like them.  I had one with my dinner tonight (tuna) and it was SO yummy! I just spread it on some crackers. Definitely a good buy and something that would go well with a small lunch. Yummy. :)

The weather was in the high 60s today and we went on a family walk this afternoon.  It's the first time Christopher has been in a stroller in a few months, I think! We took ALL three of our dogs, plus it was Jasper's first time out on a leash.  He did pretty good after the first few minutes and we all enjoyed the fresh air. Stephen doesn't really like walking, but it's something that I love to do, especially as a family. It's one of the things I looked forward to most when I was pregnant with Christopher!

Speaking of pregnancy....

no, I'm not.  But recently I've been having a little bit of baby fever!  I think it has to do with the fact that my baby is going to be 18-months-old in 5 short days.  WHAT?!?!?!?  I know!  He is becoming more like a "little boy" every single day.  I know that I definitely want another one -- and honestly, if Stephen and I were at a point in our life where we could have another one, we would probably try -- we just both know that now isn't the time.  We both want another child, but we really want to be finished with school with teaching jobs when we have another.  Hopefully it is something that we can talk about in another few years. :)

I'm off to do busy-work homework.  Good night!

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