Thursday, May 27, 2010

whose blog? my blog.

There are some days when I wish I had more “followers.”  More people who read my blog.  Pretty much the only people who read this are mine and Stephen’s family.  And over half of the family who read it are right here in Mena!

But then there are days when I am really glad that I don’t have to put up with strangers giving me their opinions or telling me that I am raising my child wrong, etc.  I know that I would have a really hard time biting my tongue and not getting ugly with people who try to correct my parenting or blogging techniques.

Let me just say this:

This is my scrapbook.  This is my diary.  This is where I, Stephanie Nicole Speer Olmstead, write about what is on my mind and on my heart.  I write about Christopher, my family, my job, my life, and my day-to-day (sometimes week-to-week) happenings.  I write about my husband, Stephen - sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. ;)  If you want his opinion or his thoughts, ask him to start a blog.

I don’t write this blog so that other people can read it.  I write it so that I can look back in twenty years and remember what it was like with 9 month old Christopher.  So that I can remember some of the things we did.  No, I’m not the best at always updating and no, I don’t write every little thing that happens in the Olmstead house, and I’m fine with that.  It is, after all, my blog.

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  1. I like your attitude about your blog. I need to get that same spirit. I like that idea of a blog, my own online journal of memories. But i am worried my life is to boring or people won't like what I say so i haven't blogged much. I keep saying maybe when I get a job i like and my own kids i'll have more exciting life to write about. But i like your take on it.


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