Saturday, May 29, 2010

So far this weekend…

Yesterday Stephen and I spent the day in Texarkana getting my amp replaced in my car.  We’ve had it for 6 weeks and I’ve gone the whole time with no radio!  It’s not been too bad since I haven’t been on any long trips with it -- just around town.  But it’s really nice to be able to listen tunes now.  =)

We had a nice day together, even though Stevo wasn’t feeling to well.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday (loooove their salad bar) and browsed around at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and TJ Maxx.  I got a new Pyrex pie plate and Stephen got a meat thermometer from BB&B; at TJ Maxx I bought Christopher some new onesies, new bibs, and an outfit.

I love these Carters onesies.  I’ve gotten several different kinds since he was born.  There are 5 onesies (of a similar design) and you can always find them at TJ Maxx for like 8 bucks.  I bought him these since it is getting HOT and they are nice and cool little one pieces. No need for shorts when we’re just hanging out around the house.

05 29 10_0602

Stephen and I also went to watch Iron Man 2.  It was just okay.  I would have rather seen Letters to Juliet, but it was Stevo’s turn to pick the movie, and that’s what he picked! 

05 29 10_0601

Today we’ve had a low-key day.  Stephen is sick with a cold (?) so we’ve he lounged around today.  I didn’t mind it much though because I was missing my little man after not spending any time with him yesterday!  Christopher has two teeth coming in on top, so he’s been a little bit cranky - but not too bad at all.  He is such a good baby!

I was able to mow the front yard this afternoon after my boys woke up from their naps!  We’re both hoping that Stephen feels better tomorrow because he has to mow the back yard, weed eat the whole yard, and power wash the front of the house.  I have to work on picking up sticks and cleaning up the back yard.  Maybe if I have time I’ll finish digging up the holly bushes in front of our porch…. although what I’d really love to be doing is spending the day at the lake!

Have a great memorial day weekend!

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