Sunday, July 26, 2009

under construction!


i've been wanting to update my blog for awhile now. it's been stuck on that spring template way too long.

of course, i'm a perfectionist. (well, when it comes to certain things.) this is why i don't scrapbook anymore. too time consuming. everything must be "just right."

so, i hate the way that you have to pick one of blogger's templates -- it messes with the "cutest blog on the block" layouts that i like.

in high school, i taught myself HTML and made my own website.

so i figure it's got to be pretty easy to make my own blogger layout, right? lots of people do it. i consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in the whole computer/html/layout area.... right?


ha. ha.

i will figure it out... i've got nothing else to do!

so for now -- my site is under construction. please don't judge!

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  1. And when you figure it out, you can teach me! Ha!


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