Tuesday, July 21, 2009

finally... nursery pictures!

Are you ready for the big nursery tour?!?

Here is my adorable dog, Baxter, checking out Christopher's crib and bedding.
(Might I mention again that my mom made this bedding? I love it so much!)

This is the view of the room as you walk in the door.
Mom made matches valances and a matching cover for my glider and footrest.
The changing table matches the crib. I am going to get some of those colored baskets to house diapers, wipes, etc, for the changing table.

These are the adorable wall art hangings that kind of inspired the room. I was playing around with the idea of a jungle/safari them, and we saw these at Kirkland's several months ago and I just immediately fell in love with them!
Again, a matching table cloth for the nightstand. I'm still looking for a lamp to go on the table.

These are those stick-on wall sayings. This is James 1:17, and I think it goes perfectly above his crib.

Love this plaque we found at Hobby Lobby. It's above his closet. IMG_0455

I also LOVE this picture/sonograph frame I found at Hobby Lobby. Too cute!

What do you think? I'm extremely happy with everything and just love the way it turned out! It's cuter than I ever imagined it being! I wish I would have taken a before of the room -- it looks completely different! This is BY FAR the cutest room in my house now. While I picked out the colors/fabrics/decorations, my mom put everything together, painted, sewed... so it wouldn't have come together like this if it weren't for her. THANKS MOM!!!!!!!!

In other news... I'm now officially on Leave of Absence from work. At my check-up this morning, my blood pressure was high and I am experiencing some early symptoms of toxemia, so my doc told me to go ahead and take off work, stay at home, and relax as much as possible. I go back to him in a week (or sooner if my symptoms worsen or others start to appear) and he will decide next week if he needs to schedule a date to induce labor. Turns out that HUGE stomach I've been telling y'all about (and promising a picture of, which I WILL DO soon!) is just swollen and full of water. And baby too, of course. He said I've gained 8 pounds (1 gallon) of water weight in the past 2 weeks. Whoa, baby. If they weren't attached to my own body, I wouldn't recognize my feet. They're HUMONGOUS. I'll post a pic of my belly and my feet tonight or tomorrow!


  1. It is so cute!! Now all it needs is the baby! =)

    Take it easy- that is what I did with Keira, and it got scary fast. Pamper yourself and be lazy until he decides to get here!

  2. It looks awesome! So Cute! Good job!

  3. The nursery is looking great. Does Baxter know that it's not all for him?

  4. Way too cute!

    I totally agree with Kristy...take it easy! I was developing pre-eclampsia with Sissy and ended up having to be induced. Not fun!

  5. It looks great. Where did you get the bumper inserts?


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