Tuesday, March 8, 2011

update via phone pics!

I’m blogging from my laptop tonight while sitting on the couch and catching up on DVRd shows.  I don’t keep my pictures on the laptop; I keep them on the desktop because that’s the computer that our Photoshop program is on.

I wanted to blog but don’t really have much to say and I prefer to blog with pictures, so I decided to download Windows Live Writer to the laptop and email myself a bunch of pictures from my phone to myself so that I could then download them to the computer and blog about them.

That’s just how lazy I am I roll.

I love this little boy and his sweet, sweet smile.

Playing with my make-up brush. :)

His Nana bought him this precious backpack while she was in New Zealand. I think it is so so cute and he looks SO big wearing it!

I dug up a TON of jonquils from my yard. This is our 3rd Spring here and these jonquils have always come up but they never bloom, and it looked kind of strange with all these random tall green things in my yard. So, I decided to dig them up.  These pictures are just from ONE afternoon. (I think I spent about an hour pulling these up.) This was probably about 75% of them.  I gave these to my mom.  A few days later I dug up the rest of them and gave those to my mother-in-law!

I also had a cute boy help me dig up all those jonquils. ;)
He is SUCH a good little helper.

I got a garden flag last summer and I just love it! I love changing it out with all the seasons and holidays. I found this flag back before Christmas and snatched it up. I’ve discovered that it’s hard to find “O” monogrammed items like this.

Almost every weekend, Stephen and I play Spades with my parents.
This was one of my
really good hands from last weekend. I think I bid 7 on this hand? We LOVE playing cards!

Christopher got this Mavs jersey from his Aunt Cristin & Uncle Jim last year for Easter and Stephen has been dying to put it on him ever since then!  He is finally big enough for it and with the nicer weather we’ve been having (or at least had for a week or two there!) we finally pulled it out! I think C-Monster is just adorable in it!

I logged onto the computer at school today and this was the first thing that I saw when I opened the internet. I know – I’m 25 years old – but Cars is one of my favorite movies and I am really excited about Cars 2! I took this picture and texted it to Stephen along with the text “YAAAAAAAY!!!!”  Haha.

Annnnd, last but not least, I finally downloaded the Hipstamatic App.  It’s pretty neat!  I took this picture of a Bradford Pear blossom that I stole from a tree at school.  I love Bradford Pear trees – they are so pretty and symbolize the end of winter/beginning of spring for me. :)

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