Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Branson Part Two!

I want to finish up on my recap of our Spring Break vacation to Branson!

Saturday afternoon, after my parents had picked up Christopher to take him home with them, Stephen, Deanna and I headed to lunch at Ruby Tuesday and then spent the afternoon shopping at Tangers Outlet Mall.  I meant to take a picture of all the cute clothes I bought for Christopher but I never did do it. He got a few cute outfits from Carter’s, Old Navy, and Osh Kosh.  Stephen got two new pairs of shoes. I got some new kitchen gadgets… because, you know, you can’t have enough kitchen utensils. :)  Aaaannd one of the highlights to my day was finding out that Coach was having a 30% off sale and I received a late Valentine’s Day gift from my sweetie pie husband! 


Naturally, I wanted my first Coach bag to have the well-known C’s on them, but I ended up falling in love with this one. I got it for a GREAT price and I know that I will use it for a long, long, loooooong time. Until I buy my next Coach purse, of course. Haha!

We left Tangers, stopped at Krispy Kreme for some amazing donuts, then headed to the condo for the night. We made sandwiches and nachos and played games and watched TV!

The next morning we got everything packed and ready to go. We went to Silver Dollar City, but didn’t really have a great experience. Long story short, we stood in several long lines to either get stuck on a coaster (seriously) for 20 minutes or to be turned away just a few people away from riding the ride. The last three hours at SDC we were pretty much standing in line and didn’t ride ANYTHING. It was very disappointing because that was time that we could have been spent on the road driving home instead of wasting it there. It was a LONG drive home too, because we stopped FOUR TIMES to do various things. I was SO glad to finally pull in to our driveway around 9 that night.

I think that pretty much sums up our trip! It was a nice break and with the exception of the frustrating time at SDC on Sunday and the unexpected errand that Stephen had to do for his job, we had a really good time. Now that Spring Break is officially over, I’ve started the Countdown to FINALS – 6 weeks from Thursday will be my last day of the semester and I CAN NOT WAIT!

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