Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Swimming at Nana’s

Today kicked my booty.  I had decided not to blog today and was about to go to bed when I remembered it’s Wordless Wednesday!  Quick and easy blog post.  :) 

Stephen’s mom got a nice above ground pool at the beginning of August, so that’s one of the things we’ve been doing in our down time.  It’s been a lot of fun/relaxing – and I’ve gotten a little bit of color from it instead of being pasty white.  Not blinding people when I step outside is always a plus.

I’ve only taken my camera once, plus I am usually in the pool and less concerned with taking pictures.  This was Christopher’s first time in it.

Aug 01 2010_0072 Aug 01 2010_0069 Aug 01 2010_0070

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