Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Blogger,

I miss you.


...No, seriously, I am having blogging withdrawals!  Stephen and I had planned on buying me a new laptop, since mine is missing an "e" key and the "enter" key, and since it has been acting funny since Stevo reformatted it - so I was just going to wait until I could get my own "setup" to start blogging again.  But, we decided instead of spending 400 to 600 bucks on a new laptop, that I should just use his desktop and save the moo-la. :)  I'm fine with that, except right now his computer is on a roll top desk, and the computer screen sits much higher than eye level and I have to look up at it, so I get a crick in my neck when I sit at it for very long.  It's just not comfortable.  Since ALL of my classes this semester are online or partial online, we decided to buy an actual computer desk, and we're in the process of putting it all together right now.  (It's one of those do-it-yourself things from Wally World, but it's actually very nice and fairly easy to put together.)

Once we get the desk together and move everything around (we're also moving some furniture because we're going to put the new desk in a different spot than the old roll top) I'll get my own account set up on the desktop, download Windows Live Writer, hook up my latest pictures, and become a blogging fool again.  :)

I hear a C-Monster waking up!

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  1. just now putting your desk together...



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