Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christopher is ONE YEAR OLD!

I have so, so, sooooo much to catch up on. I've had a VERY busy weekend and week and I still have a non-working laptop, so no pics with this blog. (again. sorry, peeps.)

Today is my little man's first birthday.  I can't BELIEVE that he is a year old!  The last year has absolutely flown by, and I know the next year will too.  :(  It's been the best year of my life!  Christopher is such a joy and I cannot imagine my life without him.  I am so blessed to be his mommy!

Christopher celebrated his first birthday with his uncle Jim and aunt Cristin this past weekend, and today we celebrated with my family & Stephen's mom. We had a GREAT time and Christopher got a LOT of new toys and clothes! My mom and Deanna have all the pictures, so I'll have to wait to steal their pics and I PROMISE to have a new post up before I start fall semester. (In one week. Boo hiss.) As for now - it's 8:18 and I am exhausted.  I asked Stephen if he was ready for bed at 8 and he laughed at me, but I wasn't joking.  A much more detailed blog will come soon - but I'm afraid I'm not coherent enough tonight to even begin to describe the great celebrations we've had! 

Good night.  :)

P.S. Giveaway is coming SOON!  Stay tuned.

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  1. It SOOO does not seem like he should be a year old!! Time does fly by!!!!!


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