Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Christopher is growing by leaps and bounds.  It amazes me what he's learned in just the past week alone!  Crawling, pulling up to standing (he's done it in his crib a few times today, but I still haven't actually seen him) and getting more social.  We have been having such a great time together.  Well, except for when he repeatedly gets into things he's not supposed to and gets told NO over and over and gets angry with me!  =)

The weather was beautiful today so we spent some time outside.  We went for a walk then he played in his pack-and-play on the front porch while I did some gardening. (I'm trying it.  I've always wanted a green thumb, so we'll see if this works!)  I planted some elephant ears and caladiums next to a hydrangea bush today and tomorrow I'm planning on planting some calalillies somewhere.  I've also got to dig up some holly bushes and some other dead bush stumps in my back yard.  I didn't take any pictures today, but I did upload some sweet videos that I've taken over the last month or so.  =)

****Also -- today marked the one year anniversary since sweet Noah was shaken by his daycare provider.  I've been keeping up with Noah's story for nearly a year now, and have shed so many tears for him and his family. I know that the day is nearly over, but take some time to go visit his site, read their entry from earlier today and say a prayer for Noah, his family, and all the other sweet babies in this world who have been so wrongly abused.****

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