Friday, April 16, 2010

Christopher Tyler - 7 months!

I KNOW it’s just a few days before he’s 8 months… but better late than never, right? I actually have a (semi-decent) excuse for not posting his pics and stats before now -- I lost my camera for several weeks and just found it yesterday! I was actually starting to get a little worried, because I knew that these pictures, plus several others, were on the memory card and I was afraid I might have really lost them for good.  PLUS I hadn’t taken any pictures of him since I’d lost the camera, which made me pretty sad. I’m so glad I found it!


So, Christopher - at SEVEN MONTHS OLD… you are getting so BIG! I just cannot believe all the things you were doing at seven months. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.  You are such a SWEETIE. Everyone always talks about how cute and happy you are all the time.  It makes my heart smile. =)

03 18 10_0166 03 18 10_016503 18 10_0167

It was harder to take your 7 month picture because your Daddy wasn’t here, and he normally helps by keeping your attention and making you smile for the camera. You are getting so big and mobile, all you wanted to do was move around and NOT SMILE at your boring old Mommy!

I mean - the ribbon ties on your bumpers are way better than me…03 18 10_0169and so is the sign…
03 18 10_017103 18 10_0178Pretty sure you were trying to figure out if you could make it over. (The side was in it’s lowered position, which isn’t normal. You were like, “Hey, I could crawl over this NO PROBLEM!”03 18 10_0181After I pulled the side back up and told you N-O03 18 10_0182SO. STINKING. BIG.03 18 10_0180People are also always commenting on those beautiful blue eyes. =) They are gorgeous!03 18 10_0194

At seven months old…

--You are wearing 9-12 month clothes

--You are wearing a size four diaper

--You continue to be a GREAT sleeper! I continue to be SO thankful for his!

--You love bathtime! You splish and splash all over and play with your bath toys.  You try to catch the water as it drains out of the tub!

--You have tried lots of different food and you like everything!  EVERYTHING! Green, yellow -- even purple prunes! You got that from your daddy, not me!

--You have one little tooth just starting to break through!

--You know what it means to “give sugar.” They are the BEST sugars too. You suck on people chins/jaws and sometimes you even make funny noises while kissing us. It’s precious and I could let you give me sugars all day!

--You aren’t crawling… yet! ;)

--You are rolling both ways. Even though you can’t crawl, you can roll and “skooch” yourself pretty much anywhere you want to go.

--You say “da-da-da-da-da!” Your dad swears he’s heard you say “Ma-ma-ma,” but I haven’t heard it yet!

You are the sweetest, most precious baby boy in the whole wide world and I consider myself the luckiest Momma in the universe! I love you, little man!

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  1. I love the look on Christopher's face in the last photo.

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