Wednesday, October 28, 2009

quick update

Y'all, I'm still here.  I started a post last night talking about how crazy my life is right now - but what do you know, C woke up when I was typing (I thought he was down for the night) and I never got to finish it.  So -- I am just checking in.  We are all well!  Christopher had his two month appointment today.. and he weighed in at 14 pounds, 6 ounces.  He is also 24 inches long, (tall? whatever.)  which puts him in the 95th percentile for his height and weight.  Healthy boy!  (Who hopefully got his grandfathers height genes and not his parents.  Ha!)  Love him, love him, love him more than I can put into words!

My bed is calling my name. SO SO SO glad that I don't have to be anywhere till noon tomorrow and will be able to go back to sleep for awhile after C nurses in the morning!

No pictures tonight... sorry!

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