Tuesday, February 17, 2009

working for the world's largest retailer isn't all it's cracked up to be

i missed my 14-week mark and don't feel like uploading a picture right now, so i'll just tell you that as of today, i am 14 weeks, 4 days, and my baby is about the size of a lemon! exciting, huh?

today i am going to the unemployment office (even though i am not unemployed) to try to find a new job. wal*mart just isn't go to work anymore, they've been cutting our hours so so so badly. i want to say more on that subject, but it will have to wait until i've talked to the store manager and cleared a few things up. (long story short: i believe i'm being discriminated against because i am pregnant. not cool.) hopefully i can find a great job where i can get 40 hours a week (not 23) and not take a huge paycut. even though walmart is the worst employer i've ever worked for, i do get a nice hourly wage compared to other jobs. of course, if i CAN work 40/week and take a pay cut, i would still make more than working 23-32/week with my walmart wages. oh, walmart, how i loath thee....

it's getting uncomfortable for me to sleep on my tummy. =( however, i am SO excited about people being able to see a baby bump and being able to wear those oh-so-comfortable maternity clothes!

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