Tuesday, February 10, 2009

check it out!

whoohoo! i have a pretty blog now! no more yucky generic background! ...now i just have to work on my header!

not much is really going on. work, sleep, eat -- that's pretty much all i do nowadays. i seem to sleep 10 hours a night, which is just nuts! i seem to eat non-stop (although i rarely get cravings) and i am just sick and tired of working! this weekend we have a 3-day weekend. stephen and i planned on going to branson for V-day, but the stupid place where we are employed Wal*Mart has been cutting hours since before Christmas, so we don't really have the money to spend the weekend in branson.

on a different note, my laptop seems to have a mind of its own these days, and it's very frustrating. it doesn't always pick up all of the letters i type, which makes it look like either (a) i am a really bad speller or (b) i have a crap-load of typos. "summer" becomes "umer" and that sort of thing. the other thing it's doing is moving around the cursor on its own. so i'll be typing and all of a sudden its like the mouse clicks somewhere on the page, and there goes my typing off in the middle of a completely different paragraph. GRRR. frustrating! i am going to have to start using the desktop, which is just inconvenient because i'll have to re-do all of my settings... plus i love being able to watch tv and sit on the couch with my laptop at the same time.

poor, pitiful me.

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