Wednesday, February 11, 2009


ok... so the top 36 contestants were chosen on american idol tonight.

most of them, i agree with.

but a few i have a BIG problem with.

tatiana??? SERIOUSLY? she really doesn't sing that well. she will be one of the first america votes off. her laugh is seriously one of the worst things i have ever heard. i just cannot believe they put her through.

ok, and what about norman gentle/nick merchant... or whoever this guy is feeling like being on a particular day. he's hilarious, i give him that. but i have a problem with HIM getting through and the guy who sang "hey there delilah" (the best friend of the guy whose wife died -- btw, love him.) getting the boot. i really liked him, i just cannot believe that mr. split personality made it through and he didn't.

and the guy who couldn't remember the lyrics to "time of my life" and walked off stage? after talking about how it was such an easy song to memorize but a hard song to deliver? wow.

oh, and what about the extremely gay (and bear in mind i have NOTHING against gay guys here) guy who cries all the time. ech. again, his singing doesn't do anything for me and the fact that he cries MORE THAN ME is really, really, annoying. i would have much rather seen someone a little more mature make it through.

ok, and my last one is not necessarily a gripe... but i'm not sure about the visually-impaired piano player. yes, he's extremely talented, and yes, i liked his singing. but i don't think he has what it takes to win the competition, and i'm worried that he's going to get sympathy votes because he's disabled. i guess we'll see, maybe he does have what it takes -- that's just my gut instict, though.

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  1. I am pretty much in complete agreement with this... luckily Tatiana went home this week. She and Mr Gay drove me NUTS.


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