Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Proof is in the Pin! {alternative title: oink oink moooo}

I’m linking up with Sarah for Proof is in the Pin again!


I have a crap ton of pins to share today, becaaaaause, well… as I mentioned in my post last night, I’ve been trying to make dinner at home more often and I’ve also been trying to make “healthier” dinners. I’ve been trying out food pins once or twice a week.

Without further adieu…
Pin #1 – Cream Cheese Chicken


Made this last night. It was time-consuming to make and while it tasted okay…it just wasn’t worth the time and dirty dishes to make.

Pin #2Tracy Anderson 8 minute arm exercise

I’ve been doing some arm exercises because my arms look TERRIBLE and I will refuse to wear a short-sleeved shirt this summer with my arms looking the way they do now. So I’ve been doing some arm workouts with weight and I ran across this workout. I liked it a lot and have done it a few times!

Pin #3 – Asparagus and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

Yes, please! This was easy and delicious. Going into our dinner rotation!

Pin #4 – Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

Stephen liked this a lot… I thought it was good. Changes for next time: scoop out my spaghetti squash and mix the noodles with the alfredo mixture and throw it in a casserole dish before broiling. Also, add some sautéed mushrooms. It was pretty rich and needs a good side dish to go with it. (I mentioned this in yesterday’s blog, but I made roasted broccoli and I thought it went perfectly.)

Pin #5 – Roasted Corn

Easy side dish that has a subtle taste difference from just steaming it.

Pin #6 – Black Bean Tacos

Easily my favorite food post for this blog. These were delicious and Stephen’s already requested them for dinner again this week!

Pin #7 – Cinnamon Sugar Crescent Rolls

Uuuum, okay, please pretend that these are “healthy.”  Stephen and I both had a sweet craving and I really don’t keep sweets on hand…. because we lack self control. But I was really wanting something yummy and was scrolling through my desserts board and saw these and they called for things I almost always have on hand – crescent rolls, cinnamon and sugar, butter, and powdered sugar. I opened up a can of REDUCED FAT (which, in my mind, equals guilt free… ha!) crescent rolls in the fridge so I whipped these up in no time. I didn’t even measure, just threw on a little butter and cinnamon and sugar till it looked right. They were SO GOOD. I’ve made Paula Deen cinnamon rolls I don’t know how many times and they’re delicious (and easy) – but they just take so dang long to make and these crescent rolls were ALMOST as good and about a thousand times faster. You could use Truvia if you wanted to avoid the sugar but I do think that they probably need that glaze on top. It’s safe to say that I can no longer keep crescent rolls in my fridge because I will be wanting to make these now.

Pin #8 – Skinny Taste Cauliflower Fritters

NO! Just no. These were not good at all. I don’t know if it’s something I did wrong or the cauliflower I used (frozen instead of fresh) but I did not like these at ALL. Stephen was able to dip his into ketchup and he ate them just fine but we both agreed they would go on the “do not attempt again” list.

ANNNND last but not least
Pin #9 – Eighteen25’s Subway Art Collection


I love these free printables from eighteen25! They have something for basically every occasion. I had most of these printed at WalMart as 8x10s for like $20 total and put them on top of my China cabinet. Fun and inexpensive way to decorate for basically any occasion of the year!

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