Tuesday, March 5, 2013

oh… hi there!

UUUM, oops.  I forgot about blogging. Once I go a few days without blogging it seems it’s just easier to keep ignoring it. I left off a few days before Valentine’s Day so I’ll do a quick recap. If you follow me on Instagram… most of these are going to be repeats.


Stephen got me a few different Valentine’s Day gifts but these flowers were my favorite. It’s the first time he’s gotten me fresh flowers since we were dating. I LOVE flowers for Valentine’s Day (or any day really) even though it’s cliché. 


We had a few days of sleet/snow/ice. It would come that morning then be melted by the afternoon. Christopher liked to walk in it and see his footprints afterwards.


Basketball season ending meant Stephen had to be gone for tournaments and championships… I was a single parents for a few nights. It’s exhausting! BUT I will say I think it was easier to keep the house picked up…which tells me that Stephen is more of a hindrance than a help in that area.


Christopher and I made a trip to Ft Smith for his second dentist appointment. He went back all by himself and they told me he did really well! He didn’t have any cavities, so yay for that!  We had a fun day together!


We had lunch at Arby’s…


Then I bribed him with ice cream (fro-yo) for a quick trip in Hobby Lobby. But really, I would have taken him for ice cream anyways.


This was waiting for his hair appointment later in the week. He’d gotten a sucker when we’d gone through the bank drive-thru and thought his blue tongue was funny.


I ordered this vinyl wall art from Etsy to go above mine and Stephen’s bed. I love it with our new bedding!


I’ve been in a Spring Cleaning mood, I guess. I’m working on the house one room at a time. Our master closet and the dressers/drawers in our room are all cleaned out and ready for spring/summer!

I have a few changes coming to the blog (like, um, updating my header? Less than 6 months until Christopher is four…the “2” pictures are a little outdated.) and I’m excited to start working on them! Hopefully by the end of the month. =)

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