Monday, March 12, 2012

Photographic Update

Shut the front door! I blogged twice in one day!
Scroll down or click here to read my post, “Adventures in Potty Training!

Last Wednesday, I logged on to Carnival’s website and saw this:
photo 1 (1)

Which led me to do this on Wednesday afternoon…
photo 2 (1)

My hyacinth is blooming. I absolutely love hyacinth. It smells heavenly! I just wish it bloomed all spring and summer long! I’ll be sad once it goes away.

photo 2 (2)

These pretty babies are (were – this picture is a week old) blooming right outside of the doors that I walk through to go into school every day. They always make me smile and are a good start to my work day. =)

photo 5 (1)

On Thursday, I returned to Henderson so that I could waste an entire day for no reason for a “Hot Topics” day. While waiting in the library for Stephen to finish up an assignment so that we could get the heck outta Arkadelphia go home, I hopped on a computer to read some blogs. Obviously, the fine staff at Huie Library is not using my $60 Library Fee (PER SEMESTER – plus $15 each summer session I’ve taken) to buy frigging canned air. There’s no telling what nasty things are growing in their keyboards. Think I should send this picture to them? Gross.

photo 1

I took this picture of Christopher a week or two ago. I used the Red Stamp app on my iPhone to create a postcard to send to Nana and Pop Pop. The picture of Christopher is perforated so they can pop it out if they ever choose to do so. They loved it!


Last Friday night I wasn’t very hungry. I had bought a box of Lucky Charms for a St. Patrick’s Day themed Bunco party I hosted last Monday, but I had forgotten to use it during the party.  It sounded good for dinner, so that’s what I had. It’s been forever since I had Lucky Charms… I always eat the cereal part and save the marshmallows for last. I’ve done that since I was a kid. I also do that with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream… I eat around the cookie dough and save it for last then stuff as much of it into my mouth as possible. It’s really an attractive quality…

photo 3 (1)

I had bought Almond Milk about a month ago for making smoothies and I’d only used about a cup of it for one smoothie. I decided to try it in my cereal. I couldn’t tell the difference between this and regular milk. I believe it’s something I’ll keep around.

photo 5

My super hero… love this boy!

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4

Today (Monday) I’m feeling yucky. I was sick yesterday, too… head cold/sinus type junk. Not to mention girl problems, ifyouknowhatimean.

photo 2

My sweet hubby brought me this during lunch today. Caffeine for my headache. Yes, please!

photo 3

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