Tuesday, February 23, 2010

time, slow down.

(just fyi {mom} you can click on the picture and see a much bigger & better version of this collage.)

i put this together last weekend when i did his 6 month post, but for whatever reason i couldn't get it to upload. he's grown SO much, it just amazes me. i got to looking through some of his newborn pictures, and he looks so little and so different. and i know that in 6 months - i'll be saying the same thing about how he looks now. i love the stage he's at right now and i'm looking forward to him growing and reaching different  stages, but it also makes my heart ache to think about how much he's grown and changed already.
100_15152 09067 IMG_0608 IMG_0628

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  1. Absolutely amazing how much they change in the first year!



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