Tuesday, February 23, 2010


**i’ve been back at work for a week now.  it’s stinky, but getting better.

**take a look at my weight loss ticker! i’ve been doing low-carb for 2 weeks now and i’ve lost 6 pounds. SO excited!

**i’ve been so tired and worn out, so i haven’t blogged much.  maybe once i get back into the groove of working and keeping the house/housework up, i can post more often. (i’m on my lunch right now and c-man is with my mom.)

**i really, really, really want a new camera and i think i am going to try to sweet-talk my hubby into letting me buy one with some of our tax return money. i think if i had a new camera, i would take more pictures, and therefore i would post more often.

**i am tired of the winter olympics and i haven’t even watched any. but because of the olympics, there hasn’t been a new biggest loser in 2 weeks. sad face.

**i’m SO tired. i know there’s more i could blog (whine) about, but i can’t think of it… blech. sorry for the boring post!

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