Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christopher Tyler - 6 Months!


You are half a year old!  I cannot believe that we are (over) half way to your birthday! The last six months have absolutely FLOWN by, and I know the next six will, as well.  I cherish each and every second I get to spend with you, and while I am SO SAD that time is passing so quickly, I am also SO EXCITED to see what the future brings us. You are my SUNSHINE!



So - at six months old…

--You have tried “baby foods!” So far you’ve had green beans, squash, and sweet peas - and you’ve loved ALL of them! You’re not picky like your Momma!

--You are still an AWESOME sleeper. You usually sleep 12 hours with MAYBE one wake-up for a paci.  I love you so much for “sleeping in” in the mornings!

--You are really starting to talk. You like to hear yourself scream. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not! Haha!

--You reach for people when you want to go to them. This makes me so happy!

--You’re wearing size 3 diapers, except at night - you wear an overnight size 4 diaper… and you! Switching from a size 3 at night to the overnight size 4 made a huge difference in your sleeping.  You overflowed the size 3s almost every night!

--You wear 6-9 month clothing.

--You take 2 naps a day - one morning, one afternoon.  They are both usually 1-2 hours long, although you do have an occasional “off” day.

--You are SO good at laying down in the crib and going to sleep by yourself. We have our little nap/sleeping routines and you almost always lay your sweet little head down as soon as I put you in your crib and go to sleep.  It’s so precious. =)

--I know there’s a ton of stuff I’m missing out on, but this is all I can think of right now! I went back to work this week and it was VERY, VERY tough. I absolutely hate being away from you during the day, but I know you’re in good hands with Granny, and I’m only working part-time, so we will still have plenty of sweet time to spend together. I love you, little man!


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