Sunday, June 14, 2009

do you hear those crickets?

I've been trying to think of something fun and exciting to blog about all week long...

*crickets chriping*


I'm tired, hot, cranky, and sick of working. I just want to sit at home under the fan watching Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, and Food Network. Instead, I work 8/9 hour days on my feet in a HOT HOT HOT WalMart helping gripey customers and peeing in the nasty public bathroom once an hour... then I come home, take off my sweaty work clothes, and prop up my swollen feet for a few hours. Three or four times a week, I go for a 2-mile walk with my Momma, which wears me out even MORE, but I enjoy the exercise and I know I will appreciate it come pushin' time!

This week I do have some exciting stuff going on -- we're having the windows in the second bedroom (nursery) replaced, which means we will finally be able to start PAINTING! My mom is making the crib bedding and it's gonna be SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! So, within the next two or three weeks we should have the room painted, bedding up, and most of the decorations in place. I'm super excited about it and will be relieved to have it finished.

See, I'm starting to ramble, and I just hate rambling on my blog.

I'm 31 weeks now, which means it could be anywhere from 6-9 weeks until Christopher makes his appearance. We're having a 4D ultrasound Thursday, so I'll definitely have to share those pictures -- I can't wait to see his little face!

I'm off to bed... work tomorrow... blah.

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