Thursday, June 18, 2009

a cutie patootie in the making!


today was my 4d ultrasound, and I must say the pictures ARE AWESOME! I am so glad we decided to have this done!!! We have had three 2d ultrasounds, but none of them have been very detailed - I have one that looks like a string bean, one that shows he's a boy, (not a girl!) and one semi-decent one of half his face! So I'm really really really happy with these results, because I've seen some 4d ultrasounds that didn't really turn out that well, or the baby wasn't cooperative and all you can see is legs and hands. I am THIRTY-TWO WEEKS TOMORROW!!!! Not much longer! =) I'm getting so excited, especially after seeing these beautiful pictures AND running into Baby Tatelyn this afternoon! Here are a few of my favorite pictures!!






  1. Sooooo sweet! I love how you can see the sweet little face so clearly. Too neat!

  2. Hey Steph...I just found you off Kristy's site. Those pics are oh so sweet. I love how detailed those 4-d's are!


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