Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'm a bad blogger

I know, I have been a bad blogger the past few weeks. I have been exhausted recently.

I have nothing good to blog about. My brain is just too fried to think of anything of importance to say. However, I feel the need to at least let everybody know we are alive and kicking!

Here's a random list of things that have been going on with the Olmsteads...

1. Zoe (our yorkie) is in heat. I've never had an indoor female dog before, so this whole heat thing is REALLY grossing me out. Not necessarily the bleeding, I can handle that. It's the way she's constantly licking herself! It's gross, and we are SO having her fixed A.S.A.P.

2. We FINALLY got our taxes done. I dropped all of our information off at a local office here in town on MARCH 31st. Today -- April 29 -- they called to say that were finished...after I had gone in on my lunch break in a not-so-good mood because.. well, because it's been 4+ weeks since I dropped everything off, and still no finished taxes! I will NOT be using their services for taxes again... however, now that they have everything completed, I am very happy to see what our refund is! Whoohoo!

3. Baby Christopher has been SO active recently, and I am just loving it. I love feeling him move and kick -- it makes me so happy.

4. Stephen and I are going out of town together for the first time since January! I know this isn't a big deal, but I used to go out of town (shopping, eat out, watch movies) at least once a month, but we just haven't been able to since Christmas. I am super-duper excited. We are going to Texarkana on Friday when I get off work and we will go out to eat and possibly to the movies with my brother and (future) sister-in-law. Oh! And I get to use my Victoria Secret gift card for new underoos!

5. American Idol last night was awesome... and I'm getting off here now to watch tonight's!

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