Monday, January 5, 2009

soooo tired.

i have been so busy lately, i haven't had much time to blog. lots to talk about, but i am just not feeling creative, talkative, etc etc... so it's been hard to sit down and talk about what's been going on. i've been really tired, working full time, and alternating workin out at curves and walking. it wear a pregnant lady out.

one big thing is that we had an ultrasound done last tuesday, and everything looks good :) we have ONE baby with a healthy heartbeat! big sigh of relief there. =) according to my calcuations, i should have been about 9 weeks at the time of my ultrasound, but i only measured 7 weeks 4 days, so right now i am somewhere between 8.5 and 10 weeks. exciting!

i have been sick in the mornings, but not real bad, just nauseous until i get cereal in my system. i am a little sensitive to greasy foods so i have been trying to stay away from fried things. =( so sad.

another big thing is that we are trading in my 03 mustang convertible for an 01 chevy impala, and we will no long have a car payment! the impala is really nice, 4 door, leather, sunroof, really nice and taken care of (it was my mom's.) PLUS, it gets great mileage, like low 30s in town, mid 30s highway. so we are really blessed to have such AMAZING parents who are taking such good care of us during our newlywed years. =) we are having a crib and high chair given to us by friends, so that is a huge help too. i am really excited to start working on the nursery room, but first we are going to have to clean it out first. (since moving in it has become our junk room.) i am excited about getting together with my mom and deciding on paint colors, borders, all that fun stuff.

we will be getting a new camera soon, so hopefully i will be able to take pictures of the house (i am finally getting it all pulled together, although i have been procrastinating taking down my Christmas trees. i'll be so sad.) and will be able to show some pics of my house. i almost have my picture paid off at kathy's, so i will have that up on the wall SOON!

until next time!

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