Thursday, January 15, 2009

prayer request

just a quick post before i go to bed -- it's gonna be early to rise for me tomorrow morning (6:30, and this girl rarely opens her eyes before 9 am most days.)

tomorrow morning (actually, it's already thursday, so that would be later today...) at 11:30 am, my daddy is having surgery to remove cancer from his prostate. they are hoping to be able to get everything tomorrow morning and not have to follow up with chemo or radiation. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and hope that everything goes okay tomorrow and they are able to successfully remove the cancer.

everything in the olmstead household is well. we will be acquiring our new-to-us car later this week. i hope to start cleaning out our junk room spare bedroom sometime in the next few weeks so that we can get the crib moved in and start decorating for Baby O.

just a few names stephen and i have been considering...
for girls, we like Madelyn Marie and Kaleigh Paige (marie after my grandmother)
for boys, we like Christopher Elijah, Isaac Andrew, and Grayson Tyler (christopher is after a friend of mine who died, andrew is stephen's middle name, and tyler after my brother.)

and now, i am going to bed. thanks for the prayers =)

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