Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas is my favorite time of year!

i just love Christmas. i love winter. i love snow.

i love everything about the month of december. how i wish i could take a leave of absence from walmart every december. working there during december *almost* makes me lose my Christmas spirit. however, when i come home to my house, and see my TWO -- yes, two -- Christmas trees, i just get happy all over again. i wish i could take pictures of my trees and presents, but i can't seem to find my camera right now. i'll take pictures when i find it.

stephen and i got/made the CUTEST gifts for our parents and my brother and his girlfriend, britney. it's sort of a gag gift. ok, a really cute gag gift. i'll explain more later (after Christmas, because i can't ruin the surprise) but i am hoping that everybody likes them. i sure do. =)

we had a good weekend. friday night we went to the mena Christmas parade, which lasted a really long time, but was fun. afterwards, we went to janssen park to watch the fireworks show and the lighting of the park decorations. the show was great, and we were able to meet up with my parents and my cousins from out of town, who were visiting for the weekend. afterwards we went back to my parents house and learned a new card game called Nerts.

so, it's time for me to clean up the house. maybe i'll find my camera!

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