Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we're home!!!


stephen and i are home from our honeymoon... and yes we've been married for six weeks already, but i actually liked being able to have a little while to move into our house and get settled. now i have to UNpack and get everything put up... and i have been procastinating since we got home sunday evening. which means that i am going crazy in my own little crazy OCDish world when it comes to my house being unorganized. i still have some extra furniture in here (a huge entertainment center and TWO televisions that i need to sell! note to self: put these items on swap shop...

the cruise was great, stephen and i had a lot of great time together relaxing, ordering room service, eating on the balcony, and reading harry potter. we read the whole 3rd book and the majority of the 4th during the 9 days we were gone. i've got him hooked. haha.

it was SO nice to be able to come into this every morning...

and this every night... (that's a stingray towel!)DSCI0053

i loved the towel animals that our stateroom steward made for us

in grand cayman, we ate at the hard rock cafe. fun, and yummy.

we were very sad to leave the cruise...

we had a wonderful time together and cannot wait to go on another, bigger group cruise in a couple years when we can afford it. i have lots more pics, but this is all i have the energy to post right now. goodnight!

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time. I might have to try one of those cruises. :)

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