Thursday, November 20, 2008

half down... half to go.

sunset from our balcony on the boat. beautiful, isn't it? i love the endless clouds, the sun, the water... gorgeous.

i cleaned half my house today... i always start in the kitchen, because that's where i'm weirdest about. i know some people who immediately clean the kitchen when they're done eating and can't stand to go to bed to a dirty kitchen... i'm not quite like that, i can go several hours (even overnight) without putting my dishes in the dishwasher, etc etc... but i always clean the kitchen first when i start cleaning house.

what's your housecleaning quirk? i think most people's is the bathroom, and strangely enough, when i clean house the place i end up is the bathroom, which means that my master bathroom is still gross and cluttered. and yes, my toilet needs to be scrubbed somethin' terrible.

so, my kitchen and my living room are as clean as they can get considering the extra furniture i have. the clothes are washed and put away, but i desperately need to clean my master bedroom, bathroom, and closet tomorrow.

my back started killing me after stephen's lunch break, so i sat down to watch some 30-minute meals with my good friend, rachael ray. when i stood back up, i could barely walk without my right leg giving out... i've had this problem for over a year now, but it's just started bothering me really bad over the last six months or so. its something to do with either my spine or my sciatic nerve, or both. i need to see a chiropractor or a doctor about it. so right now, i'm resting my happy rear on a heating pad that my wonderful husband picked up for me before he came home from work, since we didn't have one. =)

tomorrow i will clean my room, bathroom, and closet. and call in the entertainment center and tv to swap shot...

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