Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things…and Stuff.

I don’t really have any particular “event” to blog about, and the idea of going through my photo stream and picking out photos since the beginning of the year nearly makes me break out in hives. But I feel like blogging, which seems to be a rare occurrence around here.

I think the biggest thing we’ve got going on right now is T-Ball for Christopher. It’s so cute. I only have a few pictures; my mom and Stephen have more. The games are basically a comedy show; it’s 3 & 4 year olds just chasing the ball around and occasionally fighting each other for it. Running the bases backwards. Taking 10 times to actually hit the ball off the tee. I played softball as a kid and loved it and I hope that Christopher can find a sport that he enjoys playing, as well.

Christopher is actually pretty good! His attention span is about 2 minutes so that’s kind of a hindrance, ha! But he hits the ball well (he usually wants to go get the ball after he hits it instead of running to first base) and he’s good at fielding the ball too! When he’s not distracted by the dirt in the in-field or a helicopter flying overhead.

I’ll have to add more pictures later, these are all I have for now.

First practice

Picking out a bat; we just let him try on a helmet, we didn’t buy it.

One day a few weeks ago, Stephen and I were walking across the front porch and noticed a bird was building a nest on top of the fan on the front porch. Within a few days she had laid eggs and I knew I couldn’t take it down until nature had run its course. And now we have three baby robins and one “Mama Birdie,” as I refer to her, living on our front porch.




The weather recently has been WEIRD. We’ve been teased with a few pretty days but the last 2 weeks have been COLD. Like we’re still wearing our winter jackets. I’m blasting heat in the car. I know this summer during triple-digit temperatures, I’ll be wishing for cooler weather. But right now I’m over these winter temps and ready for some SUMMER.

This was us all bundled up the other day while Christopher played outside.
Poor kid just wants some nice weather so we can play outside and not freeze our booties off!
I have no idea why he’s making a pouting face, he did that right before I snapped the picture.

Not impressed.

So that night we decided to at least PRETEND it was summer and grill some food. Stephen grilled some delicious chicken and yellow squash. We also had new potatoes and quinoa. It was yum-O.

We love grilling. Last weekend we did have a pretty day on Sunday, so we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and ate outside. Tonight we grilled steaks and had my parents over. My brother happened to be in town for work, so he came as well. Stephen grilled ribeyes, filet mignon, squash and zucchini. He also sautéed mushrooms and made jasmine rice. I made PW’s “The Bread” (it.was.GOOD.) and roasted asparagus. And my mom brought a Strawberry Pie.

I didn’t take a pictures…but it was a FEAST.

I may never eat again.

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