Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Monday!

Really… it has been a good Monday around here.

Stephen and I have hosted a Super Bowl party every year since we’ve been married. We’ve always invited family and friends. Usually it was just my family, his mom, and a few friends. Last year was the first year that my MIL couldn’t make it, but we decided to invite a few more people than normal.  And it was CRAZY.  I was sick the day before and was so worn out on the day of the party that I could barely hold my head up; Stephen cooked all day, the house was a wreck, and there were so many people and so much going on that we felt like we barely watched the game. (Or more importantly, the commercials.) We decided after last year’s party that we would be doing family-only and keep it LOW-KEY! So yesterday my parents took Christopher to church and Stephen and I super speed cleaned the house. We decided to just order pizza and Stephen wanted to make wings. I also made Velveeta Rotel dip. My mom brought sausage balls and my sister-in-law brought a yummy dessert dip. And it was more than enough for just 6 of us! It was sooo not hectic and I was able to watch every commercial. And during the game I got on social media. Ha!

So anyway, the house (at least the main rooms) were still super clean and organized today, which is a rare occasion. Christopher and I stayed home in our PJs all day and relaxed in the nice, clean house.

In other news, we FINALLY took down the Christmas lights and took all of our Christmas decorations to the storage building.

Our lights came down the last day of January. Uumm… at least it was before February?

This was the pile of Christmas junk in the corner of my living room.
It started to give me a nervous twitch. SO glad it’s all gone now.


And now this new-to-me China Hutch has taken its place.
It’s not finished – this is just what I got done yesterday.
I LOVE it.

photo (11)

Christopher has a new love for Play-Doh and is constantly wanting me to make things.
Friday morning I made a “rubber ducky.”
P.S. – I totally copy things off the Play-Doh box.
You know I have no artistic talent.


And I have a new love for Downton Abbey.
And, um, Dan Stevens? Yummy.
I wish Stephen had a sexy British accent.


Ordering a new bedding set has really gotten me into a decorating mood.
I want to try to make the master bedroom feel a little more “homey” so I decided to put a few things up on the wall.  I ordered this clock from Old Navy and I kind of love it. Can’t wait for it (and new bedding) to be delivered and start putting together my “new” bedroom!


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