Sunday, February 10, 2013

la semana y el fin de semana

Our week just FLEW by!  I’m trying to be better about posting regularly. I need to get in a better groove. Once a week is better than nothing, though.

Last Monday night/early Tuesday morning at 3am, Stephen woke up with a stomach bug. He was up most of the night sick. Christopher went to daycare and I spent the day at the house. I went to pick Christopher up that afternoon around 5 and realized I was feeling queasy. I came home and started making dinner and realized that I was going to be sick as well. I called my mom and she came to pick up Christopher around 6:30 or so and I went to bed. The bug officially “hit me” at around 8 and I was up till after midnight. Tuesdays are the WORST day for Stephen to be sick because of his schedule with work. He spent most of the day in bed and got up around the time Christopher went to moms and wrote some articles from home then went in to work for just an hour or two late that night when everyone was gone and he was feeling better.

I slept in late Wednesday morning and spent the day recovering and then disinfecting the house. Christopher came home close to bedtime Wednesday night.

The best part about Wednesday was that my new bedding came in!!!! {Insert shrieking and jumping up and down here.}



Christopher normally stays home on Thursdays. It’s our day together and I look forward to them every week.  We started the day with Thomas and his friends.

A local place, Joe’s Dog House, has a yogurt bar and Thursdays they have a special for yogurt so we usually go there. Sometimes we eat hot dogs there for lunch too. It’s a good place to go and spend a few hours and let Christopher burn some energy.


Our new mattress was available on Tuesday, but because of sicknesses and rain, Stephen and I had to wait until Friday to get it. I’ve spent the weekend putting everything together in our room and we still have a few tweaks before I considered it finished. Hopefully I can share pics soon. BUT I can say that we LOOOOOOOVE our new mattress.  SO comfortable. And soft. We both are sleeping so much better and we wake up without our backs hurting. Best investment we’ve made in forever and I wish we’d done it three years ago!

The weekend consisted of working on our room, playing cards, hanging out. I had some steam that I needed to run off yesterday so I went for a walk during Christopher’s nap.  It was a chilly 40 degrees but I walked fast and was gone for almost an hour. I’ve been itching to start Couch to 5K up again but I really just wanted to walk and think and listen to music really really loud. I love taking Jasper with me.


These jonquils didn’t care about the 40-degree weather.
Um… it’s only February 9th!!!

I wasn’t really ready for winter to be over, but the flowers seem to be saying that spring is right around the corner. I love spring too…I REALLY do love spring. Just seems like we didn’t have much of a winter this year.

We played cards with my parents on Friday and Saturday night. We won Hand and Foot both nights. They won Spades both nights.


I always have more energy on Sundays than Saturdays, so today I cleaned and did laundry and worked on my to-do lists. Christopher spent the entire day with my parents and Stephen had a work thing so I had the afternoon to myself.  Tonight I planned our meals for the week, made our grocery list for tomorrow, to-do list for tomorrow, added a few things to our Spring Cleaning list to work on over the next few months... And now we’re finishing up the Grammys.


Happy end of the weekend! Is that an oxymoron?!?

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