Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last Saturday we had to go to Ft Smith to run some errands. It had been awhile since the three of us had been out of town together for a non-death related reason. Stephen needed to have his golf clubs re-gripped, which was going to take most of the day. We also needed to go to the pool store to find out what the next step was with our pool water. (Speaking of which, we swam last night for the first time since July 1! We can finally see the bottom of the pool! Yaay!) We still needed to kill a few hours, and I didn't really need to do any shopping...SO so we decided to go to the movies!

Stephen had been wanting to see the new Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, but it wasn't exactly three-year-old friendly, PLUS it was almost three hours long. UM, no thank you very much. We decided that Stephen would watch his movie, and Christopher and I would go to see Brave.

This was Christopher's first experience at the movie theater. I explained to him before hand that we were going to watch a movie called Brave, and that it would be on a BIG tv, and that he had to act like a big boy or he would have to leave. We had to kill some time after Stephen's movie started and before ours started, so Christopher and I went to a party supply store to buy a few things for his birthday party, then we went to get some frozen yogurt.

We got to the movies about 15 minutes early. I really didn't think it would be that busy, but it was in a really small theater (maybe 30 or 35 seats total?) and there were a bunch of people there already. I think there were maybe 20-25 kids there. They were all being noisy and rowdy before the movie started and I was thinking that Christopher was going to follow their lead, but he didn't... he sat in his seat like a big boy! At one point before the movie started, a little baby in the theater started crying and he said to me, "Mama baby crying! Shhh. Quiet!"

Once the movie started the other kids settled down and Christopher did just great. He sat in his seat for most of the movie then for maybe the last 30 minutes or so he sat in my lap. There were a few parts that were scary for him (there's a scary bear in the movie, plus a fight between two bears.) He would take my arms and wrap them around himself and sometimes he would tell me, "I scared!"

He sat through the whole movie and never once asked to get up. I had asked him repeatedly before the movie if he needed to use the bathroom and he said he didn't, but I just knew that he would need to go during the movie. He didn't!

We had a great family day together (even if it did consist of us splitting up for 4 hours to watch separate movies - ha!) and I can't wait until we can do it again!

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