Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the view from where i sit (keeping it real)

Tuesdays are long, hard days for me. They’re even worse for Stephen.

I’m up at 4:50, shower/makeup/prep for school, leave home at 6, drive two hours, in class from 8:00 – 5:00/6:00, drive two hours home.  I didn’t get home from school (and I’m going to be honest and say that instead of “school,” I originally wrote “store”) until 8:30 and after I got home and laid Christopher down for bed, I immediately fed the dogs and let them into the house. I know as soon as I sit down on Tuesday nights that I’m pretty much spent. I don’t get up unless it’s to crawl from the living room to my bedroom.

My house is such a mess right now it’s almost funny. I don’t know how it gets this way so quickly… I spent all day last Friday cleaning.  Somehow the weekend always messes up my house. And my weeks are full of driving, school, and homework.  I just have zero energy during the week.

Anyway, back to the point. I’m sitting here looking around my house and thinking about how ridiculously messy it is.

And apparently because I’ve gone crazy, I decided to take pictures of it to share.

Mom – don’t look. You may have a heart attack.

photo 2
Baxter’s leg, my foot, notebooks, kleenex, (runny noses, anybody?) C’s pjs – pants on the floor, top on the table, random t-shirt, goodnight moon, random rainboot, two boxers, ab roller (not for working out – ha! – Christopher uses it as a toy) Christopher’s jeans, junk mail, {clean} load of unfolded towels, trash bags full of yard sale clothing, cardboard box for Christopher’s changing table (took it down last weekend) tricycle in the kitchen…

photo 3
big boxer belly. we’re expecting puppies sometime in the next week or so!

photo 5

blanket, camera bag, and my ridiculous dining room table. it doesn’t matter how many times I clean junk off it, more crap just makes it way up there. right now it’s holding our non-working TV from our bedroom, which we replaced with a new TV we found for a great deal at walmart (you can also see the top half of the box from our new TV.)  also on my dining room table are multiple bags filled with more of our junk, Halloween candy, clothes of Christophers… you get the picture.  if you look closely, you can see the top half of “Rudy” – something I bought at War Eagle when I went with mom and B. more about him later!

photo 4

Iron in the windowsill, ironing board, (took it out of the laundry room Sunday – not sure why I haven’t put it back up yet) random toy, more jeans, kleenex, and junk mail, and Jim Bob Duggar.

I’ll leave you with this – not something I can se right now, but a sneak peak for the next post (hopefully up tomorrow):

photo 1

my little hobo.

and now… bedtime. =)

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  1. I am dying laughing at "and Jim Bob Duggar." bahahahha!!!! Oh my gosh.

    I remember those days from Henderson Hell very well! I'm sure you've got a major countdown going on! :)

    Happy November- this much closer to Christmas break!!


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