Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween pictures FAIL and more randoms

I had planned on doing a Halloween 2011 post for Christopher (I even wrote it out and all it needed was pictures from Halloween Eve and Halloween night) …BUT… my computer wouldn’t recognize my SD card from my camera. I restarted the computer, tried to download the pics to Stephen’s desktop, had Stevo take the SD card to his work computer, took the card to my parents computer… none of them are registering it when I insert it. I put the SD card back in my camera and my camera throws up an error message that it cannot use the SD card and that it may be damaged.


I am SO upset! All of Christopher’s Halloween pictures were on that SD card and I have no idea what else we can do to try to get them. Stephen suggested re-dressing him up and taking pictures again – and I am seriously thinking about doing it. It won’t be the same and I will always know it, but I want to have good quality pictures to remember his past Halloween outfits in the future. The sad thing is that Christopher’s Nana made a special trip from Missouri to Mena to be with C for Halloween so THOSE pictures will never be able to be re-created.

So anyway, that kind of explains my lack of blogging recently. I like to try to keep things chronological on here.

Today and last Saturday, my mom and I have had a yard sale together. Last weekend we had it at my mother-in-law’s house and it went really well. Today, we had it at my dad’s office and it was REALLY windy and didn’t do nearly as well as last week. I think most people were staying inside on this cold, windy, overcast fall day!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with school and housework tv shows. The house, as always, is a mess. I’m hoping to get it super cleaned up and organized today because I want to put up my Christmas tree tomorrow!

I recently finished a short continuing ed class at our local community college. It was over Adobe Photoshop, which I knew virtually nothing about when I started the class. I am SO excited because I can actually use Photoshop now and I know that I’m just going to keep learning more and more about it. I have a very tiny knowledge of how to use it but I feel like the class gave me enough of a foundation over it that I can continue to teach myself more about it by trial and error or by watching various tutorials online. Before, I would watch the tutorials and be completely lost. Not the case anymore! Here is something I created this week. I’ll share more of this project when I’m finished with it.


I am hoping to design our Christmas Card this year. This isn’t the card I’m going to use, just something I was playing around with.


I think tomorrow I’m going to attempt to take family pictures for our Christmas card so that I can start designing the card around the pictures I like. Hopefully that goes well!

Happy Saturday!

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