Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cranky Christopher

This morning, Christopher woke up kind of early. Normally he sleeps in till at least 8 or 8:30, sometimes later, but this morning he was up at 7:15. I know it’s hard on him because we get him up around 7 or 7:10 on the mornings that Stephen and I go to school, so I understand that he may get a little confused on the “off” days.  I don’t mind him waking up early, really.  I just prefer for him to wake up in a good mood.

99.9% of the time he is the HAPPIEST child!  Seriously.  I could not ask for a sweeter, happier little boy.  But he was CRANKY this morning and I know it’s because he didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Usually when he’s sleepy he lays down for a nap very easily, but for whatever reason this morning, he decided he wanted to be up!

We ate our oatmeal for breakfast but he was whining the whole time. We always share a bowl (I eat just a few bites of it – he has the majority of it) but today when I would take a bite he would cry and fuss because he wanted it.  Then he whined and cried when he was dragging a toy into the living room through the kitchen. He was fussy when I changed his diaper and cried when I swatted him on the leg for not being still while I was changing his diaper. He wanted to go into my bedroom, but Stephen was sleeping (Tuesday nights are his late night at the paper and he didn’t get home until 5:30 this morning) and so he cried when I wouldn’t let him in. He screamed AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS for some reason that I cannot even remember!

I tried laying him down at 9 but he refused, so I kept him up for a little while longer and tried laying him down again at about 9:45, but he just screamed and threw his pacifier out of the crib.  I was going CRAZY because I knew that he needed to sleep and wouldn’t stop being fussy until he did, plus the house needed to be semi-quiet so that Stephen could sleep.

I finally loaded him up in the car, grabbed a cherry diet pepsi and some quarters, and headed to town.  We went through the car wash and to the drive-thru at the bank, then just drove around aimlessly for about 30 minutes.  His eyelids finally started getting droopy and his head was wobbling around, so I headed home and put him in his crib and now he’s asleep!


Hopefully he’ll wake up on the right side of the crib this time – we have a big grocery shopping list that I’ll have to tackle when he wakes up!

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  1. I was a little bit confused with the last 2 pictures but then I realized they were of the car wash. Lol. I hope he has a better day and you too. Love y'all.


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