Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Proof is in the Pin (Volume 3)


Linking with Sarah at Life {Sweet} Life again!

I love this monthly link-up! It keeps me blogging (at least once a month… hey, it counts!!) and I think it helps motivate me to try out new Pinterest pins.

I try to do three a month, but this month I only have two. I have supplies bought for several other projects, but I was visited by the stomach bug from Hades last weekend and I wasn’t able to complete a few crafty projects that I had planned on doing.  I’m really hoping to complete those and share them next month!

Moving along.


First pin: Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats – I made these for Christopher’s daycare class for Halloween. His teacher said that all the kids loved them! A few things I would do differently next time… it takes more orange coloring than you would think.  I used orange gel coloring and the melted marshmallow mixture looked like a good color, but as soon as I mixed it with those light colored Rice Krispies, you could barely tell there was any food coloring. I ended up adding more to the krispies mixture, which turned into a big mess.  If you look closely in the picture above, you can see there are streaks of orange running through the pumpkins.  For the green vine/leaf things, I mixed together powdered sugar and water, and it took a sweet forever to get the mixture right. First it would be too runny, then too thick. And I wasn’t really happy with the green color. Next time I would either leave the vines off, or buy frosting in those little tubes to pipe on.

{image via Miss Kopy Kat}

Next up: Curly Deco Mesh Wreaths!  I love this pin! I love these curly deco mesh wreaths. I made myself a “pumpkin” one.IMG_4203Love it? Want it? I’m selling it here. (More about this later… maybe!!)

I even decided to use the curly deco mesh method with my Christmas tree this weekend. I kind of love it!


That’s all I have this month… I’m hoping for several more Pinterest projects next month!

Posts about the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween coming soon. (Hopefully! My final marketing paper is due tomorrow and I should have a few days of freedom to work on random catch-up projects. First on the list is the disaster zone that is my HOUSE! It’s bad, y’all. Real bad!)

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  1. I'm obsessed with that pumpkin wreath!! Totally need to try that next year...but might be better of to just buy it lol. And you know I love your tree!! Looks amazing. Thanks so much for linking up!! Sorry I'm so late getting around to commenting. :)


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